Jobs – Technical Coordinator needed at Action Against Hunger

Job Title: Technical Coordinator

Action Against Hunger (ACF) is an International Humanitarian NGO. For over’ thirty years it has been implementing Food Security and Livelihoods, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programs in Lira, Apac, Oyam, Otuke, Gulu, Kaabong, Napak and Moroto Districts.

Job Summary: 
The ACF Technical Coordinator takes lead of  the program team in Kampala and in the field (project managers). The incumbent is a key member of the Mission Coordination Team responsible for the identification, development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of projects and that they are consistent with the Country Strategy with focus on integration amongst sectors and gradual transition toward long-term development interventions. The TechCo is responsible for overall technical strategy development and follow up, contextual surveillance and assessments, field-based research and partnerships.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
1: Contextual analysis of humanitarian, Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL), Nutrition, DRR and WASH in Uganda.
  • Technically support the ongoing analysis of the broad humanitarian and development context in Uganda, malnutrition causal factors and linkages through regular high quality field assessments, consultation with stakeholders and collection of secondary data
  • Take lead in regular market price surveillance activities in the operational areas and if relevant, integrated nutrition surveillance activities through provision of strategic direction on development of tools, methodology, analysis and interpretation, etc.
  • Offer the coordination team with information related to humanitarian and developmental events in the country
  • Assist in the identification of humanitarian needs, provide relevant future propositions for geographic and sector interventions throughout the country to CD in a timely fashion.
2: Representation and liaison for operational program related issues to donors, authorities, UN, NGOs
  • Guarantee that the mission has up-to-date knowledge of donor strategies and frameworks, funding mechanisms and regional strategy and that these are fed into the coordination and country strategy planning process.
  • Ensure ACF program related interests are guarded within the international community
  • Work closely with stakeholders for program related issues if a senior level involvement is required
  • Coordinate with stakeholders on ACF activities and ensure required program documentation is provided (pro-actively and upon request) by the Program Managers.
  • Strengthen field and capital level information-sharing with IOs, INGOs and government.
  • Ensure ACF technical staff regularly attend all relevant humanitarian coordination meetings and take a leading role in the drafting of future technical development
  • Facilitate a ‘trickle-down’ of information towards the field stemming from cluster/sectoral information in the capital.
  • Advance and disseminate ACF’s strategic positioning to donors and other stakeholders as this relates to humanitarian analysis and future financial planning.
3: Programmatic and Strategic Leadership:
  • Actively contribute to implementation of a strategy adapted to the local situation with gradual evolution toward long-term development interventions, partnership with local and international NGOs and research institutions and integrations of sectors.
  • Take lead, in strict collaboration with the CD and TAs, the process of identification and design of concept papers/proposals and responsible for timely and qualitative submission.
  • Actively collaborate with other departments (LOG, ADM, HR) for the identification of logistic and financial needs of new proposals.
  • Increase programmatic integration through combined assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation of FSL, nutrition, DRR and WASH.
  • Identify opportunities for deeper assessment, applied research, or publication related to past/ ongoing/proposed programs that aid policy advocacy.
  • Identify programme implementation modalities that include participant targeting criteria, mobilization approaches, local partnerships, seasonality of input support, participant training, monitoring and reporting systems, cash projections, procurement plans, etc.
  • Identify partnerships with NGOs and research / technical institutions for new programs and researches.
4: Project Coordination and Operations Management:
Coherence and relevance:
  • Ensure programs are coherent with the operational country strategy and with ACF mandate.
  • Ensure program design and implementation is coordinated with all stakeholders.
Integration of sectors of intervention (FSL, NUTRITION, WASH, DRR):
  • Guarantee quality and integrity of program implementation, including adherence to technical guidelines, administrative systems, established information needs, and deadlines.
  • Facilitate ongoing ACF analysis of programme participant vulnerability and priorities as they relate to FSL, Nutrition, DRR and WASH.
  • Responsible for data analysis and use of secondary information to predict program priority.
Monitoring, Evaluation, Documentation and Learning to promote organizational learning and ensure high standard of quality:
  • Ensure the appropriate development and application of high quality technical monitoring systems, indicators and supporting tools to monitor the impact and outcome of programs; ensure their harmonization across bases and build capacity of field teams on their implementation and regular timely use
  • Provide direct support to program managers on program planning and monitoring (procurement planning, budget forecast and follow-up, monthly reports, technical reports, etc.)
  • Ensure high quality technical and donor reporting across all program activities to ACF and donor standards
  • Support internal and external evaluations, learning events, applied research and application of innovative approaches at field level in collaboration with external partners, where applicable
  • Ensure documentation and capitalization of lessons learnt and good practices; and contribute to the preparation of publications, where applicable
  • Conduct regular programme monitoring to see if the planned activities are on track and implementation meet quality standards. Visit ACF field activities regularly and report on problems, discrepancies between field reports and actual implementation, challenges and obstacles while building an intimate knowledge of fieldwork realities. Propose corrective measure and recommendation with field visit reports.
  • Ensure the coordination of planning and following up of donor field visits.
  • Ensure program objectives are met and timelines, budgets, donor guidelines are respected by the Program Managers and Coordinators
  • Monitoring the budget and targets achieved with reference to the project submission, and making any necessary adjustments in consultation with the finance teams.
Provide technical back-up, coordination and guidance to on-going programs:
  • Ensure that all programs are managed on the basis of agreed frameworks, including, the logical frameworks, and budget and procurement procedures.
  • Ensure the development and implementation of proper systems to reduce the risk of corruption and conflict of interest by programme staff and local authorities; and increase accountability and transparency of operations.
  • Prepare internal and external reports for ACF and donors, including case studies and success stories.
5: Overall management of program budgets:
  • Ensure forecasts are produced and respected.
  • Work closely with the Finance Coordinator ensure that program budgets are respected.
  • Alert on over- or under spending of budgets and ensure programs are adjusted.
  • In collaboration with Admin and Logs coordinator, consolidating budget & procurement procedures.
  • In consultation with CD, timely propose and develop amendments to contract with donors in order to adapt projects to changing situations and beneficiaries needs.
6: Human Resources Management – Programming:
Recruitment and staff retention:
  • Take lead in the recruitment of staff under his supervision in collaboration with the administration and Assistant Country Director.
  • Revise job descriptions for technical positions in collaboration ACD and TA.
  • Assist team members to clearly understand their Job description.
  • Also responsible for the Induction of all incoming staff on projects’ status and background country programme strategy.
  • Set objectives for and facilitate the development of individual action plans by staff members with corresponding indicators, against which he/she will be evaluated.
Performance appraisal and career development:
  • Conduct performance review of staff under his direct supervision and ensure that all staff under the department is regularly assessed.
  • Identifying the teams’ training and career growth needs on the basis of needs assessments, feedbacks and observation.
  • Organizing and carrying out capacity building for technical teams taking into consideration their profiles, the cultural context and the on the basis of the finding of the needs assessment.
  • Facilitate cross programme learning through joint review and planning meeting with other departments.
  • Assess the impact of the training on staff capacity and programme performance.
  • Critically assess the pertinence and quality of the training programs.
  • Coaching and mentoring of team members in leadership and management skills.
  • Identify training opportunities and help team members to participate.
  • Availing of learning materials, reports, lessons learn and case studies.
Creating a learning environment at ACF (participatory planning, review and programme development):
  • Providing leadership in program management, Human resources and financial management.
  • Organizing and leading meetings with the team and individual staff members, on both a regular and ad hoc basis.
  • Lending support to teams in the organizational and coordination skills.
  • Resolving problems arising in the teams with the support of CD, when necessary, in consultation with mission Human Resources
  • Soliciting and accepting feedback from team members (on technical matters relating to programs).
  • Ensure that program staff are motivated and committed to ACF charter and programs
  • Organizing team building events (exchange visit and retreat)
Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • All interested candidates must hold good master’s degrees in International Development, Rural Development, International Humanitarian Assistance, any applied social or natural science
  • Five or more years’  work experience in similar setting and responsibility
  • Excellent communication, writing and analytical skills
  • Excellent management and representation competencies
  • Excellent influencing and negotiation skills
  • High attention for quality of the implementation of projects.
  • Significant experience in humanitarian settings, delivering humanitarian and development programming in DRM, FSL, Nutrition, WASH sectors, preferably in transitional settings
  • Past exposure and experience with major institutional and UN donors and donor procedures (ECHO/EC, OFDA/USAID, DFID, etc.) and high capacity to identify and develop high quality and successful project proposals.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of  ACF and acceptance of ACF’s principles
  • Knowledge of Uganda.
How to apply for the job:
All suitably qualified candidates who desire to work in one of the world’s prestigious French-founded Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), Action Against Hunger (ACF), should click the web link below to visit recruitment website.

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