Music Review: Nsimbudde By Eddy Kenzo

Another weird Eddy Kenzo song that will, for reasons known only to the dark forces that manage this planet, will top the charts and receive the awards.

Eddy Kenzo
                                                                                 Eddy Kenzo

Well, yes, I can tell how this song might become a hit on its own merit – it has a folksy simplicity to it.

I imagine that if I was a fisherman, and had imbibed a little bit of malwa (like they do in the video), I would also probably groove to this tune.

It is an unlikely scenario – I am not patient enough to be a fisherman, and while I have tried malwa (and found it was sort of interesting), my preference is for whiskey.

However, (and I am writing this while rather sober), Nsimbudde does have a catchy groove to it, one that sort of grows on you.

It feels like one of those songs that should be the soundtrack of a movie set in Uganda, like it has a Ugandan persona, you know what I mean? Maybe this is what people respond to when they respond to Kenzo’s music.

Eddy Kenzo in Nsimbudde video
                                                                               Eddy Kenzo in Nsimbudde video

Also, Kenzo wears black face in the movie, which might be the weirdest thing I have ever seen. But let’s not go there. Let’s instead focus on the easy delivery that Kenzo uses to sing this song, making it pleasantly easy on the ear, and the fact that the song grows on you.

I sound suspiciously like I am beginning to like the song, which is true – I write honest. It’s the only way I know how.

I think I have figured out what makes Kenzo work – maybe it is not dark forces hovering in the background. Maybe it is because he captures the ethos and spirit of this land – listening to him is like listening to the land breath, the way listening to Bruce Springsteen just reminds you of the land of America, for no particular reason.

In Nsimbudde, he captures the careworn, pleasant, easygoing nature that is the Ugandan, that is us.

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