Nkumba university Patra pregnant!

Nkumba  university   Patra  pregnant!

Patra  Leticia
Patra Leticia

Former  Nkumba  University  Student , Patra  Leticia   is   finally  pregnant and ready to push anytime from now.

The   gorgeous  babe  has  put on   too much weight  and  bulging tummy boiling with a bouncing tot.

Our  eagle  eye-d  scouts  last weekend  ‘smoked- out’   the   heavy- babe  shopping for  her  expected new-baby.

We have not yet  established  the real man responsible for  the  bulging  stomach  although our reliable sources have revealed  to  us  that  some  tycoon’s  son  is  responsible  for  the  tot.   

Watch this space!

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