PHANEROO: Why every campuser should visit the holy place

PHANEROO:  Why every campuser should visit the holy place
Prayers at MTN Lugogo Cricket Arena
Prayers at MTN Lugogo Cricket Arena

On Thursday 11th  June 2015 at exactly 4pm, I set off from my residence (Makerere-Kikoni) knowing that by the time of official takeoff, 5pm, I would be at MTN Lugogo Cricket Arena. I was eager to find out what exactly happens at Phaneroo and if indeed the big miracles and numbers my classmates at Makerere University talked about indeed existed.

They had narrated to us of how Phaneroo begun on 8th Aug 2014 at Theatre LaBonita with 1,200 people in attendance and now sits about 3,000 people, the reason for the change to MTN Lugogo Cricket Arena.

It’s not that I am a non-believer, I am a born again Christian who received Christ on 3rd May 2015. Everyone praises their church and some pastors beef others. I was not so sure if Phaneroo was not hyped like other churches are. I wanted to find out more.

I telephoned my friend and classmate, Musinguzi Blanshe, who was at Namanve to inquire if he would be able to make it for Phaneroo. He seemed divided on opinion but later consented to attend.Blanshe and I sit in the same row and had received the same invitations which we together complied to fulfill. This was our turn to make a manifest. Phaneroo is a Greek word which means ‘Make a manifest’.

Since, there are no one-route straight taxis to my destination, I used two; one from Kikoni to City Square and another from Kampala Road to Jinja Road. The latter journey was longer than expected probably due to the famous jam on the road.

After maneuvering our way through, time-check, 5:15pm, Blanshecalls back to inquire where I had reached, he was walking towards the gate, I was about to reach him. Minutes later, one of the passengers told the conductor, ‘kumaadala’ meaning ‘at the stairs’; they were also heading to Phaneroo. When the taxi stopped, almost all passengers boarded off.

 Apostle Grace Lubegaa Man of God.
Apostle Grace Lubegaa Man of God.

Blanshe, not sure of the exact gate and location got a bodaboda to drop him where I was. Neither he nor I was sure of where exactly to go, we followed others. 100metres away, we saw the MTN Arena and realized we were in the right place. We were checked (for security purposes) and off we swung in feeling guilty that we were late.

The ushers were really smart and coordinating, one referring us to the other to get us seats. They made sure no front seats were left empty before filling the ones at the back.

We picked up from the worshiping that was on going. Everyone looked like they were filled with the Holy Spirit and I personally sung along (since the lyrics were projected).

All the songs were catching and beautiful to listen and sing along. Blanshe looked on in total shock and admiration; he failed to sing but stared on, clapping at some points in acknowledgement of Apostle’s sermon. The arena was filled to capacity with people from different walks of life; the youth, the old and a few young children possibly because it was in the night.

I personally had never prayed with such huge congregation on a normal day, save for the Bukalango Prayer Mountain that I attended one Saturday. My wonder was that Phaneroo is a weekly event yet Bukalango is monthly.

The log book given to every first time visitor is a reflection of how Apostle Grace really wants to keep close to his people. The other mobilization platforms such as the website, app, and social media accounts further justifies the commitment.

Big names like Julie Mutesasira of ‘Saba’also grace Phaneroo as she sung her inspirational song to the congregation.

When Apostle Grace Lubega took to the podium, I inquired from Blanshe if he was the one. He told me it was not him assuring me of how one time he attended his sermon at Makerere. I was doubtful and inquired from a neighbor who confirmed his identity. The ‘Man of God’ was young and looked confident carrying upon his message of the day.

Much had been talked about Apostle Grace as one who has healed many and continue to heal by his ministry and the work of Christ in him in all manner of ways. He is regarded as a force of change, revival, revolution and transformation in this generation and to the body of Christ.

With a captivating teaching style and a great sense of humour, he has endeared himself to many of his listeners.  Together with my companion we were left in adoration and thirsty for more. The service ended at around 9pm. We kept telling each other of how we should go back to Phaneroo, indeed we are.

Our inviter’s had dared us to only attend once and re-consider attending again. The music and the gospel coupled with interaction and love shared at Phaneroo will addict anyone to Jesus! Hope is restored where it is lost. Even though we did not see any physical miracles, Apostle Grace’s sermon must have impacted spiritually on each and every one of us.

After telling Bruce (one of the friends who invited us) of our deal, he was quick to say, “The amazing thing about Phaneroo is that it is not only providing solution for the problems of this world, it is also building problem solvers, people that are going to make a very significant difference in this generation. Am so convinced of where we are going. It is so bright.”

Speaking from a Campuser’s perspective, every campuser should visit Phaneroo and so should not only that are heavy laden, but everyone in need of company and inspiration.

Talk about Phaneroo and almost everyone will understand that you associate with Apostle Grace Lubegaa Man of God.

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