Tragic Incident: UCU Student Fatally Shot While Surveying Land by Security Guard

Tragic Incident: UCU Student Fatally Shot While Surveying Land by Security Guard

A somber incident unfolded on Sunday afternoon at Uganda Christian University (UCU) in Mukono, as a security guard shot and killed 25-year-old Rudney Agaba. The incident occurred while Agaba was surveying land that he had inherited from his mother. Eyewitnesses reported that a rope had accidentally fallen over to the other side of the fence, belonging to the Meru fuel station.

In an attempt to retrieve the rope, Agaba climbed the fence, which sparked an altercation with the enraged security guard, identified as Tugume Kadili. Kadili confronted Agaba, questioning his actions of scaling the wall he was assigned to guard. Unfortunately, the confrontation escalated, resulting in Kadili firing his weapon and fatally shooting Agaba.

Agaba was immediately rushed to Gwatilo Health Center, where medical personnel pronounced him dead. The devastating incident was confirmed by Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire. Owoyesigyire expressed deep regret over the tragic outcome and revealed that Mukono Police Division has initiated an investigation into the matter.

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Preliminary findings suggest that the dispute between Agaba and Kadili arose from Agaba’s alleged attempt to climb the wall within the security guard’s assigned area. At the scene, two cartridge casings were recovered, along with a firearm suspected to be the weapon used in the shooting. Live ammunition was also discovered near a pool of blood. As part of the ongoing investigation, the primary suspect, Tugume Kadili, has been apprehended and is currently in custody at Seeta Police Station.

The Mukono Police Division remains fully committed to conducting a comprehensive investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident. Authorities urge the public to remain calm and patient while they diligently gather all necessary facts. Any further updates or significant developments will be communicated in due course, as the pursuit of justice for Rudney Agaba continues.

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