Zex and Gravity Battles Not to End Soon

Zex and Gravity Battles Not to End Soon

Zex Bilangilangi brands Gravity Omutujju “a small boy confused by hype” after rapper claims he is bigger than Bobi, Bebe and Chamili

While speaking to Galaxy FM during a recent concert, Zax Bilangilangi, real name Taddeo Mayega, was asked to comment on Gravity calling himself one of the best artistes in Uganda.

Upon coming across Zex’s comments, Gravity furiously retaliated through a tweet in which he also called the Ratata singer a “young boy.”

Gravity questioned how Zex, who has one and half hit songs, gets the audacity to address him like that.

It should be noted that Bobi Wine is Zex Bilangilangi’s mentor and the man that inspired him to become the star that he is today.

It should be remembered that when the ‘Nyama’ hit maker held a successful concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval early this month, he came out and said that the music industry no longer needs Chamili, Bobi and Bebe, for they have nothing new to offer.

He went on to name Eddy Kenzo, David Lutalo, Sheebah, King Saha, including himself as the biggest artists in the land. He fussed that in Uganda, he is the 4th biggest artist.

Whether he said it in good faith or probably had an intension to hurt his fellow colleagues, Gravity’s statement left a bitter taste in many artists’ mouth, one of them being Firebase Crew’s Zex Bilangilangi.


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