Think of students' welfare than fighting the Guild President

Isabirye David
Isabirye David

By David Isabirye

OPEN MESSAGEĀ  to MP, Mature Hostel, Nkumba University. A mere parliamentarian insulting a whole Guild president of Nkumba University, Madinah Zalwango is a total shame.

You ought to change the thinking and reaction. This is students’ politics and Nkumba University needs mature representation now. Hellen Sseku you are a represent of mature Hostel but your character has never matured since the elections ended.

We need ideas on how best students’ welfare can be improved, how students can attain good grades, how best entertained students can be and general improvement on health standards of the university.

I will back you if you start pressurizing the Guild President to organise educational workshops, bring promotional nights, buy daily news papers for students and other great things for students. Even if she barks at you, I will be behind your cause but Fighting Madina because of ego won’t work.

Please madam, the world is watching your reaction and the social network on facebook and twitter is exposing your character. Its never too late to bury your head in sand, face the shame and come on board as a self proclaimed MP and fight for what students need for a better future.

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