17 Aspirants Nominated For Makerere University Guild President

Isaac Otuku in his office

By the time (05:00pm), nomination deadline knocked, 17 candidates had submitted in their forms to run as Makerere university guild president. They include three female candidates according to Electoral Commission (EC), Isaac Otuku.

“I am happy that all the candidates that picked the forms have returned them… we are to meet the academic registrar tomorrow and pick each candidate’s academic papers,” said Otuku

Among the seventeen candidates, three females have been nominated which is distinct from the 82nd guild race where all the 12 candidates were males.

The nominated are;

  • Mercy Faith Lakisa
  • WillianKaramagi
  • Simon Wanyera
  • Paul Kato
  • James Kazungu
  • Stephen Bukomeko
  • LulicanAgadi
  • Ruth Nsubuga
  • Doreen Alituha, Kenneth Isaac Isabilye, Bonny Eyen, Andrew Ssentale, Timothy Ssambwa, Emmanuel KizitoLuwakya, Abdu Kareem Zilitwaula, Henry Kihika and OngomOngomAdero.

The Electoral Commission (EC) will carry out the vetting of the dully nominated candidates on Monday March 20, 2017and produce the lists of the qualified candidates.