45 people recover from corona virus in Uganda

Uganda continues to celebrate as more patients are recovering from Covid 19.  Today, the country released 7 more patients raising the number of recoveries to 45.

The patients discharged were from Mulago and Entebbe hospital. These didn’t  want to show their faces as they are scared of people discriminating them as they get back to their communities.

State of corona virus

Uganda has registered 61 Corona Virus cases, has 45 recoveries and no death. Currectly, the country has 11 active Corona virus cases.

Heath workers have attributed Uganda’s success to the fight of corona virus to the president quick action in implementing a lock down and a good relationship between health workers and political leaders.

The delay in freezing international and national movements has seen kenya’s Covid 19 cases raise to 303 and Tanzania to 287.

The permanent secretary Ministry of Health, Diana Atwine urged ugandan’s to appreciate health workers for the goods work and stay safe.


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