6 Signs That Your Relationship Is Coming To an End

6 Signs That Your Relationship Is Coming To an End

In any relationship, you need to be able to assess your romantic relationship and what is going on between you and your partner.

Often times, little signs can mean a lot more than you think. Your partner might say something to you as a throwaway comment but in actual sense it’s an indication of how he /she feel in side.

So if you can’t tell when thing are going wrong in your relationship, you will be heartbroken when the relationship ends.

Below are some of the signs that your relationship is coming to an end

  1. You argue about the same things over and over again and never seem to clear the air. You both feel like you’re the loser and that you often have to defend your position.
  2. Criticizing each other, criticism is one of the main reasons why relationships collapse. Criticizing your partner frequently puts him /her down. 
  3. You don’t laugh together anymore; In fact, the things you once found hilarious and endearing now bore or irritate you.
  4. You don’t trust each other anymore. Trust is one of the most important parts of any relationship and when you lose that, it’s almost certainly time to end the relationship.
  5. You don’t talk about personal things anymore, at the beginning of the relationship; maybe you discussed all of your hopes and dreams, and serious issues in your life. But now, it seems like all of your conversations are rehearsed and rehashed small talk
  6. Disrespect. Mutual respect is a cornerstone of all successful relationships. If you’re sensing disrespect, whether you’re giving it or receiving, you have a fundamental problem. 

If you are experience such signs in your relationship, its better you go for your plan B before you get  heartbroken.


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