AIGP Asan Kasingye tests positive for COVID19

AIGP Asan Kasingye tests positive for COVID19

Assistant Inspector General of Police Asan Kasingye has confirmed that he has tested positive for Covid 19. Kasingye broke the news on his twitter page.

“BAD NEWS!! I’AM #COVID19 POSITIVE,” Read the tweet.

Kasingye has been the first Ugandan police officer to publically announce that they have Covid 19.

Ugandans had mixed reactions on this, here are some of their comments,

“Where did he get it yet he was social distancing and sanitizing, is this Covid a toxin just spread in air or the testing devices have issues. Who carried out the QA/QC, proficiency testing and calibration on those kits, why doesn’t MOH provide data for QA/QC of the Covid 19.”

Felix William, “Eeeeh. Get well Afande. Hope its not a trick to get you out of office to abuse the rights of Ugandans in the name of enforcing Covid19 guidlines,”

(JJ) Jackson Mucunguzi, “What Afande you have reminded me of Bongole Lutaaya those days of HIV scourge!Quick recovery papa.”

Castle on the hill, ” Stop playing games, I travel with a taxi and boda boda daily, I am always down town daily interacting with most people. where the hell did i get it? you are turning into a politician.

Replying to people who doubted him having covid 19, Kasingye wrote,

“I know i got infected while on sworn duty to serve Ugandans, I have a lot of inequalities and falls short of God’s glory. The best way to fight COVID19UG is to pull together and encourage each other,”


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