Best Hostels Around Uganda Christian University-Mukono

Best Hostels Around Uganda Christian University-Mukono

Uganda Christian University (UCU) is a private university in Mukono town, plot 67-173, Bishop Tucker Road, Mukono.

The university is surrounded by a number of hostels that act as places of residence for its students. some of these hostels include Stedar hostel, Premium, Little Angels, David’s Ark, Sera courts, Leah courts, precious hostel, Tupendane, Jeff Hamilton, King David hostel and so many others.

When choosing a hostel, there are a number of factors to consider including hygiene, proximity and the rules and regulations.

We have profiled for you the best hostels to pick from if you are considering staying around UCU.

This a virtual tour of some of the best hostels around Uganda Christian University


This hostel is located in Kirowooza village which is about 1.5km away from school. It is considered one of the best hostels in Mukono because of the great accommodation services provided by the hostel.

The rooms,

Stedar hostel is a storied building of two floors each floor has about 20 rooms. Some rooms are double while others are single but they are all self-contained with tiled floors, bathrooms and toilets.


 They provide transport services inform of a shuttle which drops the students at the school gate and picks them up after school.

one of the shuttles used for transportation at Stedar hostel


  They also have good security for example CCTV cameras and the security guards who help provide good security services as brought to us by Kalemba Eria a student at Uganda Christian University but also the pear leader of Stedar hostel.

Eria the peer of Stedar explains the Beauty with Stedar hostel



premium hostel is situated 950m from the university a walkable distance.


This hostel accommodates both girls and boys, they have two buildings, the old and the new. The Old building is made up of 42 double rooms and the new one is made up of 36 single rooms. All these rooms are self-contained with a toilet, bathroom and a balcony .

Abraham Lyajoba the security personnel.


The security is very good. There are three security guards, one works during day and two work at night. All residents of this hostel are expected to be inside by 10pm and the visitors have the visitor’s book where they sign and leave their IDs for security purposes.

“Our services are very good and comfortable. However, we do not allow students to be outside by 10:00pm, no house parties and no drugs are allowed.” Said Abraham Lyajoba the security personnel.



This is an affiliated girl’s hostel located in Buguju. Affiliated means it is connected to the school halls of residence so that incase the halls are full the students go to this hostel.

 It was established in 2000 with the aim of providing affordable accommodation to girls in Uganda Christian University-Mukono.

Miss Joy Sanyu (custodian) tells us more about Little Angels hostel


They have shuttles for transporting the girls to and from school. Since this is an affiliated hostel, the girls need to be transported for breakfast, lunch and supper which is meant to help them keep up with their meals.


This hostel is made up of four flours and on each we find double rooms which contain a bed, a 6inch matress,a reading table and two chairs to make the reading easy.

They also have three bathrooms with flashing toilets but they also have outside showers and toilets for those that prefer them to the ones inside.

There are two common rooms where the girls rest and relax after the long day at school. the common rooms have television sets for news updates.

They have a standby generator as power backup.

With the availability of good And for those with parties all that has been taken care of due the presence of quite gardens with enough space to carry out whatever ceremonies are available.

Claire Natukunda explains the beauty of little Angels hostel

Contact details: 0774098492,0776620997. Gmail: [email protected]



This is one of the closest hostels to school just after the small gate of Uganda Christian University- Mukono.


It is made up of 65 rooms 12 of which are double and self-contained at a fee of 1.8 million UG shillinggs,30 rooms are single but self-contained at sh. 1.2 million UG shillings the remaining 20 rooms are not self-contained but double and their cost is 1.5 million UG shillings.

“We have two wings, the Elijah wing for girls and the Elisha wing for boys. We provide beds, mattresses a reading table and a chair in each room.” Said Mr. Joseph Kawanguzi the custodian.

Mr. Joseph the custodian and Dorothy a student explain why David’s Ark hostel is good

A student known as Dorothy offering BSAFAF said she was told about this hostel and found it very convenient because it is close to school and therefore discussions with her peers are made easy. And the Hostel also provides a good reading environment.


The hostel is situated in a gate with a security guard who is there 24/7 to ensure the safety of the place.

Contact details: custodian, 0751484977,0782484977


This is a gated complex with24/7 CCTV security is located in Grama- Mukono and is just 10-15 minutes away from Uganda Christian University’s main gate. It has two floors; the one down has 12 rooms and the upper floor has 11 rooms making them 23 rooms in total.

A tour of sera courts hostel

Some rooms are self-contained while others are not. The self-contained rooms cost 1million while those that are not self-contained go for sh.800,000. The beauty of it all together is that they have a shared common room with a television set to help relax the students after the hard work at school.

The students do their own cleaning in their rooms but the compound is done by the helpers. There is no time limit to the time when they should be inside and house parties are allowed.

Contact details: custodian, 0752810382 WhatsApp,0706717598,0772655066.


This is located in upper Kauga-Mukono and according to a Law student recognized as Laura, it is a comfortable place to stay, it is like an apartment therefore the rules are not many for example they come and go anytime of the day or night there is no time limit. Yes, the prices might be a bit high but bearable because the place is good.


The hostel has both double and single rooms. The double rooms are sh.1.5 and the single rooms are 1.2-1.3 depending on the size of the rooms.


Tupendane Hostel

This has capacity of around 50 students with most of the rooms being occupied by one student with only four occupied by two students in a room. The beds are provided. Students are only required to carry their own mattress.

The students love it because it is near school like a 5-10 minutes’ walk from the hostel to school. The rooms are big enough and their toilets spacious. Its comfortable for personnel reading because it has enough space and the environment is very conducive.

Tupendane is near campus with nice spacious studio apartments, spacious bathrooms and spacious kitchen.

  • There is DSTV subscription for every room.
  • A standby generator just in case power goes off.
  • 24/7 national water supply in all rooms. There are also rain water reserves so the hostel generally never runs out of water
  • Tupendane hostel has a very beautiful compound
  • A canteen that supplies food, drinks and other desirables
  • Security is very good and there are no cases of theft.

Linda speaks about why she loves Tupendane hostel


Precious hostel is a girls residence located in Maternity village on Bishop Taka Road opposite THC. The hostel has both the self-contained and the none self-contained rooms.

The prices vary according to where you choose to stay. They range from sh.900,000-sh.300,000per semester.” Said Sharon Atuhairwe the custodian.

The rules include no male is allowed in the hostel, no charcoal stoves or electrical cookers are allowed. None male visitors can sleep or stay for 2-3 days.


This hostel is situated just opposite Tech pack and has mainly single rooms with bathrooms and water inside but the toilet is outside. It is in a gate with a security guard hence making the security of the place trustworthy. Visitors are welcome but should not exceed a week

Mercy Erri tells us why she loves MJ hostels


Last but not least, Jeff Hamilton is a new hostel located in Nabuti near BRAC is still under construction but almost complete. It has both double and single rooms and is very spacious.

Its estimated cost is 1.5-2 million UG shillings.

Map showing location, distance and directions of hostels from Uganda Christian University

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