Bungee jumping returns to Jinja

Bungee jumping returns to Jinja

It is good news for all travelers and bungee jumping lovers as the activity is back in Jinja.

This activity has been on its own lockdown for close to two years now and guess what!!! It is back.

Located close to Lake Victoria and the source of the Nile, Jinja is definitely the perfect destination for bungee jumping. The town is very attractive, relaxing and obviously sessions of exploring the Nile.

At Jinja, bungee jumping starts with registration of participants which also includes payments and waiver form. While registering, participants can decide whether to go for a short or long jump.

The short jump stops mid way while the long jump goes all the way down allowing the participant to touch the water of the Nile.

Before jumping, participants are dressed in the right jumping gear and given briefing.

Bungee jumping is enjoyable and its back in Jinja.

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