COVID19 LOCKDOWN: Personal Development Opportunities and How to Bounce Back Bigger and Better – Part 1

Abubaker Matanda
Abubaker Matanda

Personal Development Opportunities in the lockdown and Curfew by Abubaker Matanda Part 1

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining” or so we studied.

The foregoing is a cliche adage that we have all heard over and over. It however helps to reflect and think about it deeply now.

In Uganda, recently, a local Musician, Ediriisa Musuuza a.k.a Eddie Kenzo was embarassingly dumped, and abandoned by fellow vocally-blessed singer, Rema Namakula.

Quite unexpectedly, that is a daunting and painful experience for anyone. To add salt to injury for Musuuza, the two have a child in the mix, and flushy marriage ceremonies happened almost immediately after, with I must add, loud pomp!

Eddie Kenzo, tried to keep himself strong and calm but not without some public tears and “Gavumenti weyayus” escaping him. We, in our usual Ugandan playful style laughed and sobbed with him. Ediriisa however, quickly or is it eventually found courage, and his way. Out of the experience, he has so far had over three musical hits, and moving shows re-inventing himself as one of the biggest artists on the Ugandan scene.

It was possible for Kenzo to wallow in misery, cry his eye sockets out, and possibly, commit suicide. Many people do! Imagine such a dog fated end for loaded talent, and what we would have missed? Imagine the music scene without “Basemyekozo” and “Tweyagale/Wamma Tubbale.”

Exactly my point!

Kenzo is not the only one though. There are millions of people who turn tragedies into streams of opportunity. Http:// shares about three people that turned devastation into prosperity, one is however close to Kenzos. Lets look at it verbatim. Geoffrey James writes.

“It’s been said that “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” That’s thinking too small.

A better approach is to turn the lemons into a business plan.

Here is a personal tragedy that was turned into an opportunity for growth.

Josh Opperman: Broken Promise, Better Price

Opperman came home one day to an empty Manhattan apartment to find his girlfriend gone, with only an engagement ring left behind. Ouch.

As Josh, heartbroken, sat in his home, staring at the ring, he consoled himself with the fact that at least he could return the ring and get his money back. And since the ring cost around $10,000, he anticipated a fair chunk of consolation.

Unfortunately, when he went to the jeweler, he discovered that–despite the fact they could obviously resell the ring for another $10,000–they’d give him only 35% of the purchase price!

Talk about life handing you a lemon.

Opperman realized, however, that his personal disaster was actually an opportunity in disguise.

He founded the website I Do … Now I Don’t, which buys engagement rings from broken relationships and resells them to suitors looking for a good deal. Opperman says he’s now making around 1,200 sales a year.”

Clearly, tough times can yield good results. Reflecting on these, I have thought about 3 ways I can turn tables on this pandemic and I will share in the next post for you to pick a leaf. I however implore you to take off time and ask yourself what opportunities exist that you can take advantage of.

Till then, Namaste.

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