Four best indoor plants to spice up your interior

Four best indoor plants to spice up your interior

Plants not only bring beauty to the house but also comfort and a cool breeze. However, not every plant you see is meant for indoor. Here is a list of 4 suitable indoor plants.

Boston Fern

Made of split lovable leaves, Boston fern not only creates beauty in the house but is also an air freshener. These work best for all parts of the house including bathroom.

1 x Nephrolepis Boston Fern | Premium Indoor Plant | Houseplant for Sale |  25-35cm (Incl. Pot): Garden & Outdoors
These can be placed any where in the house

Rose moss

Rose moss will add colour to your house. These come in different colours and shape. some grow wild while other shoot from a single stem. What you choose to add to your space is entirely your choice. Rose Moss is both an indoor and out door plant.

How to grow-Table Rose-Moss Rose-Portulaca Grandiflora-Japanese rose-sun...  | Portulaca grandiflora, Planting roses, Rose seeds
Rose Moss will bring colour to your house

Bamboo Palm

Vey few people have adopted the use of Bamboo plants for indoor decor. These are naturally pretty from the colour of their stem to the green, small yet packed leaves. Bamboo Palms will make your home corners stand out. These can be enhanced with lights (lamps). They can grow wild but trimming will keep them in order and shaped.

Bamboo Palm – Indoor plants, Sales, Rental, Delivery, Maintenance
You can trim Bamboo palms in any shape

Spider Plant

This is also known as airplane plant. These come in different types, which works better entirely depends on your taste and interest. Spider Plant can also be used for both indoor and outdoor.

Spider Plant Indoor Care | HGTV
Use Spider Plants to add beauty to your house

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