How Nkumba University demonstration shaped Lufunya Derrick's life

How Nkumba University demonstration shaped Lufunya Derrick's life
Lufunya Derrick
Lufunya Derrick

“Laws and principles are not for the times when there is no temptation: they are for such moments as this, when body and soul rise in mutiny against their rigour … If at my convenience I might break them, what would be their worth?”

These words of Charlotte Brontë best describe Lufunya derrick, whose popular leadership at Nkumba University as Guild President 2010/2011, though did not last a life time to see the sun set of his rule, created a legacy that has shined the journey for his success.

The famous demonstration that brought an abrupt end to a student Guild council at Nkumba university five years ago has since injected “the spirit of activism” in the young smart man whom every campus girl wished to have a romantic whisper.

Even though the incident was read in as an act “hooliganism” orchestrated by the student leadership, to the Guild President of the time, Derrick Lufunya, it was about standing for the truth. And this is the principle onto which the “Natural Justice” draws its foundation.

“I didn’t lead a strike, I led a peaceful demonstration to show discontent to the social injustice at that time. As a leader, I was defending the voiceless.” Lufunya Derrick told Campus Times in an exclusive interview

Lufunya, now a renown advocate and proprietor of Lufunya Associates and Co” has since moved on. The prominent lawyer has set life goals straight, chief of which is to help rise and inspire a multitude of young people to track their dreams to make it easier for them to live a valuable life in society.

He says the general economic lackluster and the decay of the social fiber of Uganda is what has troubled his heart and prompted him to take on this rather selfless service.

According to Lufunya, young people in Uganda saunter helplessly because they are victims of systematic treachery and deception. They make life trials without direction.

“You see this nation is being robed of role models. Those who have succeeded have done so through dubious ways” he observed.

Lufunya Derrick Lufunya Derrick 3But even with such a society, Lufunya says the ability to create solutions and maneuver over the murky waters is what differentiates the “exquisite ladies and gentlemen of the finest breeding” from the “every ones”

“Success is about planning your time well” Lufunya says and illustrates this with the fact that even with a very dusky political schedule at Nkumba university then, he would spare time in the cover of night to burn the “midnight oil”.

This spirit of hard work led to his eventful “Star performance” at the Law Development Center (LDC) while pursuing a diploma in legal practice.

Hard work and realizing self potentials forms the greater part of his message to young people. To him, anyone pursuing success should relentlessly identify what drives them and stick to the principle.

Lufunya Derrick (2nd L) with his friends after the completion of LDC

Lufunya Derrick 2nd L with his friends after completion at LDC
Lufunya Derrick (2nd L) with his friends after the completion of LDC

“A person must be driven by focus,” he says. ” If it is school that you are at, look at what took you to school and understand what you are there to achieve and work towards realizing regardless of the conditions” he advises.

If society worked tirelessly in that direction, according to this studious legal expert, even the skyrocketing unemployment and a series of other Economic challenges the nation currently faces would be a story for another society.

But the problem stems from a dejected age group which has surrendered its plight to the older people who are in the evening of their lives to propagate decisions which cant suit the current times. He calls youths to act

“This is our age. the only problem is to let the old guard to determine what we want. we should start being assertive on our demands and get out to chess them” he concludes

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