P.7, S.4 and S.6 Candidates to Sit Final Exams Next Year (2021)

P.7, S.4 and S.6 Candidates to Sit Final Exams Next Year (2021)

As schools and other institutions of learning prepare to reopen on September 20, 2020. The Education Ministry has adjusted the academic calendar to re-open for the second term which will end in December and the third term to start in January or early February.

Candidates class P.7, S.4, and S.6 are expected to write their final exams around March or April 2021.

School routines are also expected to change with school days running from 8 AM up to 1:30 PM. For cases where schools have big numbers of candidates, shifts will be applied.

According to the Ministry school, co-curricular activities will be temporarily suspended so that teachers concentrate on reintegrating learners into the school system, carry out remedial work, and ensure that the syllabus is covered. There will be no examinations at the end of the second term.

The Education Ministry still insists that feasibility will be carried out once candidates and finalists report, thereafter re-opening for other classes once everything is found “in check and fine”.


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