Tips for a man whose girlfriend/wife is the breadwinner

Tips for a man whose girlfriend/wife is the breadwinner

Traditionally, a man has to earn more than a women for a happy marriage, well the times have changed and women can earn double a man’s salary.  So how does a man maintain his respect both in public and at home?

Appreciate them

Peter, a journalist is in such a relationship, he notes that if your wife brings more to the table, appreciate their efforts. The word “thankyou” is simple but carries a big meaning. Show them you appreciate their hard work and contribution in the home.

Be supportive

Even if you don’t bring home much, you can support your wife in various ways. Help her take children to school, help them out with their assignments where you can. Peter adds that you can also help by supporting them emotionally since some work places are very stressing.

Have an opinion

Jane Nabbaka a mother of four notes that your wife earning more doesn’t mean she makes all the decisions in a home. Make firm decisions as a man and demand them to be followed. However these should be genuine and not an act of showing powers.

Don’t discuss your marriage with others

Peter adds that people have broken very many marriages, don’t discuss your issues with others because most of them will not give you genuine opinions.  Every marriage has its ups and downs and how you handle them, depends on the both of you.

Don’t be insecure

Nabbaka says that so many men become insecure when their partners earn more than them, because of this, they harass them, deny them certain things like going out with friends, work related parties, and suspect them of cheating all the time. As a man you should learn to trust your wife and this will bring harmony to your home.

Work hard

Work hard to bring in something as a man, sometimes the reason women under look men is because they tend to relax and wait for women to bring money home. And for this reason, the woman will rule you. As a man, try working hard and providing for your family with the little you have.

Be honest

To Peter, you should tell your partner how much you earn when the relationship is just starting, let the woman fall in love with you after knowing who you are. He says that in most cases families break because men don’t disclose their income which strains the wife after they are married.


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