To tip workers in in Salons or not

To tip workers in in Salons or not

Tipping should not be mandatory but should come from some ones willingness to do it because they
appreciate the services offered to them by an individual regardless of the place.

Most people are used to the idea of tipping people in restaurants dues to the fact that it has been
the culture forgetting that anyone can be tipped as long as they have done a good job that needs to
be appreciated.

Nowadays tipping hair dressers is it is picking up to the extent that some people remind you that
tipping is allowed and even let you know how it is done in their salons.

Anita Asekenye, a banker says she lost guts of having her hair plaited when she heard the
hairdressers whisper that she was a potential tip giver based on her appearance and the way she
was dressed.

She says looking at the way things were done, they were used to being tipped by other customers
and not being given a thing called for disappointment.

“I have no problem tipping people as long as they have done a perfect job but fact that I had fixed
money that day, to avoid embarrassment I just pretended to be inquiring about their prices and left
for the next salon,” says Asekenye.

Irene Katusiime, a mobile hair dresser says when it comes to tipping that is considered but is not
something that is forced because what is important is you are paid the agreed amount of money.

“My clients always tip me because I move to their places when called to work so they feel they are
obliged to refund my transport and I always make sure that I do my work so well so that I can be
called back to work. Something that makes them appreciate and they end up tipping me,” says

She believes everyone who does his or her job well deserves to be tipped because that is a sign that
you as a customer appreciate their work.

She further says customers rarely tip hairdressers because it has not been done by people and they
feel they are paying for their services those who do are always regular customers.

On the other hand, Angela Nyaketcho, owner of Angels Beauty Salon says it is right for a hair dresser
to be tipped because they go through a lot to make sure that you attain the look that you want.

She says much as there are many workers in the salon, most salons have their hair dressers do the
cleaning and washing so when one is tipped it is up to them to decide on whether they can give their
workmates some money because they are all tipped by their customers.

“There is no way that an individual will watch a colleague walk out the salon without any money so
the ones who have been tipped always give one who got nothing at all,” she says.

She further says the state of your salon speaks a lot for you and your employees. It is very unlikely
for someone who has been treated well and made comfortable in a salon to leave without tipping.

She says you may not directly ask for the money but your services will get the money for you only if
it is up to standard.

Jimmy Kivumbi, a barber at Choice Unisex Salon, Kibuye says tipping is not bad because if other
people doing other businesses are tipped then why not those who work in the salon?

He says who is to keep the tips depends on how the salon operates otherwise a tip is supposed to be
for an individual because their effort is what is being appreciated so they can make the decision on
whether to share or not.

“A tip is not only in form of money but a customer can also give you something else for keeps or can
buy you what to eat depending on what he or she prefers and these one cannot be shared,” says

Although he says they deserve to be tipped, he is against those salons that ask the clients to do it
because this does not only ruin their reputation but also makes them lose clients.

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