Valentine’s Day Colors and Meaning

Valentine’s Day Colors and Meaning

Have you ever sat down and thought on why valentine’s days around the world are always ‘painted’ RED? From the dresscode to the flowers, cards and other gifts!

Red is a color for love. Does it mean every person who dresses red on valentines is in love? Most times NO. It is the attitude that people attribute to this day. In Uganda, if you ask a lady out for a date on valentine’s, in most cases, they will rush to grab a red sassy dress.

But red is not the only valentine’s color. There are different colors to pick from and will make a whole lot of meaning towards the people you meet. Valentines follows the rose colors’ pattern and have more or less the same meaning.

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Valentine’s day colors and how to wear

Because red roses symbolizes love and romance, that is most probably why many people would pick it over the other colors. However, since we can have anyone for a date on this day; family, friends and love partner, its best to dress appropriately with knowledge of what message each color palette carries.

The colors will not only help you in easy wardrobe choice making but also in selecting the right gift or gift wrap for your partner.

Here are colors to pick from and hey, they speak volumes;

Valentine’s color meaning

Pink: I appreciate You

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Wear that pink painted dress or shirt if you want to say thank you to your partner. The color of femininity and elegance, pink is the versatile color you want to choose whenever you want to show your loved one your appreciation. Darker pink represents a more intense feeling of gratitude and a mysterious sense of attraction, while lighter pink shows your gentler grace and admiration.

For flower bouquets, a pink and red color mashup helps to express love and appreciation towards your love. 

Valentine’s Color Red: Deeply in LOVE

The color of assertion, lust, and dominance, red is the symbol of intense possession and affirmation that you Love them, with a capital L, and want to be with them for the rest of your life. This color represents deep passion and respect for your loved ones, which is why it is the most common color on Valentine’s Day. If you want to choose red, a scarlet red is the best choice, due to its moderate color intensity. 

Love with passion; color Orange

The color of joy, desire, and enthusiasm. Orange also represents joyful admiration and attraction. If you choose orange as the main color for the recipients, you want your love to be passionate, full of elevation, joy, and adventure, and to always go up and never get down.

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Express love emotions to your secret love with color orange

In our painting Couple I, the couple achieves a sense of ecstasy and eternally embraces each other. This painting would be suitable for you if you love to be high on emotion. 

Color Purple; My significant other/ better half

I should admit am one of color purple lovers!! I could do with a good purple decoration on any of my parties. But this is valentine’s we are talking about.

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You are my better half; and this is best expressed with color purple on valentine’s

You are my better half; and this is best expressed with color purple on valentine’s. This is the color of intuitive, mysticism, and intensity of emotion. When you choose this color, you like your love life with your significant others to be deep, intuitive, and to have a mutual understanding on the deepest personal level. The use of purple harmonizes two of you, which allows you to become one.

Color White: Young Lovebirds

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Make it party dresscode white

The color of innocence, purity, and truth. You would like your love to be free of guilt, desire, lust as the first day you met each other. When we choose Windows Venice, we envision the life of your love full of purity, elegance, and serenity, and to embrace every moment of your life as it comes by, similar to how white is the combination of all basic colors.

Great friends; Color Yellow

Valentine’s is a day of expression of love and gratitude to not only lovers but also best friends. When you choose this color, you appreciate every moment of your friendship, every joy and caring that you give to each other, without any romantic harbor.

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Color yellow is perfect color for friends
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Share memories with friends and family on valentine’s

Unless you have a fear of being friend-zoned, we would love to recommend you the Astral Flowers, which represent the love beyond the universe.

Love memories; Peach

Peach is directly associated with the expression of modesty, earnestly, and innocence. If you are ready to say, “Let’s get together,” with your significant other, peach roses are the ones to choose from, as the rose color symbolizes intimacy.

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Peach for Valentine’s day

Color blend; Red & White, the perfect match

Do you want to let your partner know how inter-twinned you are? Then, the red and white color blend is the best for you, you can send a red and white bouquet, forexample. You are saying “We look perfect together!” It is a sign of appreciation towards all the good fruits that your relationship have yielded. You are expressing your joy and contentment in partnership.

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