VIDEO: “Ameno” remix By David Guetta   

VIDEO: “Ameno” remix By David Guetta   

Masaka Kids Africana continue to wave the Ugandan flag globally after featuring on the visuals of David Guetta’s remix of “Ameno”.

Pierre David Guetta is a French DJ, record producer, musician and songwriter. He has over 50 million record sales globally, with more than 10 billion streams.

“Ameno” is one of the biggest African songs in the world. Originally done by Goya Menor, it was remixed by Nektunez and became an instant hit song.

From massive airplay on different media stations, to millions of online streams, and social media challenges, Ameno is a monster track.

It even attracted one of the finest global deejays David Guetta to remix it.

David Guetta shared a snippet video of the new project on his Instagram account, announcing its release.

The Masaka Kids African is a music and dance group based in Masaka comprises of mostly young children most of whom have lost parents through the devastation of war, famine and disease.

Over the last three years, the group has been rising steadily in the local music ranks. They have also gained instant international recognition for their unique art.

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